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Still Life Paintings - Artifacts of a Pandemic 2020

This page is still in progress where I hope to produce up to 40-50 works sized 25 x 30cm in oil on linen. I have received support from the Arts Council NI in regards of the current global pandemic of Covid 19. These paintings are focused on everything that we take for granted. Be it Family relations or common objects deemed less desirable on our shopping lists before current events have now gained a new level of significance and importance with a new at the peak of the pandemic.


Due to the closure of Galleries, economic uncertainties I was fortunate to receive funding from the Arts Council NI giving me the opportunity to produce a series of work on the Covid 19-Pandemic 2020. Future plans is to host an exhibition of the produced work in the near future which again all depends on the outcome of further closures due to the Pandemic so dates are not arranged as of yet. There will be video footage also of the paintings showing techniques and methods being painted from life. Check back in for new updates of work. Any questions please feel free to get in touch.

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